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Get Outside and Find the Best Health Under the Sun

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Kids that spend time outside are simply healthier than their indoor-dwelling counterparts. Unfortunately, the technological age we are in means that we, as a society, spend entirely too much time indoors. Being outside stimulates all of the senses, and more importantly, it can stave off the effects of nature-deficit disorder, a term used to describe the visible downside of an indoor lifestyle, which includes obesity, depression, and poor overall health.

Health Is in the Air

Health is literally in the air. Kids who spend more time outdoors tend to exercise more and may even be less prone to allergies. Here’s why.

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We Can Help Mother Nature, Too

The Earth gives us so much, and spending some time outside is a great way to give back. From backyard conservation to global environmental stewardship, the links below are great ways to show some love to Mother Nature.

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Science Is a Breeze

One of the coolest things about being outside is that there is a whole world to learn about. And when you have children in science and nature, there is no better backdrop.

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As you can see, there are many ways to get outside. Don’t be afraid to declare one day each week a day dedicated to nature. Your children will be healthier for it, and so will you.

Author: Jenny Miller